September Wrap Up

Angler holding a fish

Well I can honestly say we all must have done something to upset the reef gods again in September. Normally we expect the trade winds to start backing off a little as we head into our traditional glamour weather in mid October moving forwards, however mother nature has had a different idea with dogs being blown off chains on a daily basis. It has been a relentlessly windy winter.

There has been extremely limited windows weather wise where we have been able to access the outer reef, let alone our favourite patches of remote gravel out wide where we love to rip the lips on big reds.

We wait in anticipation as we know when we have our window open, and the moon and tides in our favour, it’s going to be epic! The coastal reefs have fished reliably on the right tide, which is on a rising tide, especially at the start of the flood and the last of the flood. Mid tide everything can sulk. Nothing new to anyone there that fishes the reef regularly. I get asked regularly by many clients, on my 30 years of local experience, what conditions fish best for big reds?

Well here it is, without giving too much away. Firstly you have to have found your ground, gravel patches in 40 to 70 metres. You ideally want 4 days to the day of a dark (new) moon, with the second best period the same on a full moon. A rising tide has always produced best when I analyze my records, which everyone should keep. Big fresh fillet baits on ganged/snelled hooks (8/0-10/0), or artificials if you are prepared to work will get the results. My personal favorites for artificials are Nomad Vertrex, Squidtrex, and Beserker Meat Heads 300g if the current is strong.

Biggest tip… If you strike too early on a red and drop it, the school will scatter and go off the chew. Wait for that rod tip to load with weight before you set your hook and you stand a better chance of the school staying close and working. Best of luck in October and tight lines!

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